What's New For Fall 2022?

I've got a new book out! "My Mother's Secret: A Novel of the Jewish Autonomous Region" was inspired by all the readers telling me how much they enjoyed the first section of "The Nesting Dolls," which dealt with the USSR in the 1930s. "My Mother's Secret: A Novel of the Jewish Autonomous Region" shines a light on a little known aspect of Soviet history, namely that the first Jewish state of the 20th century was actually established on the border of Russia and China!

But it's not all a history lesson! We've got romance, friendship, betrayal, mother-daughter relationships, heroism, self-sacrifice, and heartbreak, too!

Don't take my word for it. Check out some of these early reviews:

"Alina Adams takes readers on 18 year old Regina's journey while, in 1930, she flees Moscow certain she will be captured by the Kremlin. She heads to Birobidzhan, the first Jewish Autonomous Region and located on the boarder of Russia and China. Confused by the actions and betrayals of those she left behind, Regina doesn't know who to trust and what to believe, until she decides ... at great expense ... to follow her heart."

"It is a story of survival and the harsh realities to establish a Jewish homeland in Russia. Not an easy read at times, one might have trouble with some of the storyline. What Regina did to save her daughter and what consequences she faced will make the reader wonder if you would do the same."

"In terms of portraying life in the Soviet Union and in Birobidzhan and in terms of explaining the origins of the Jewish Autonomous Region, the book is fabulous. I learned so much, which is actually one of the goals of the publisher History Through Fiction. I found the writing quite compelling and generally excellent, except for the occasional passages that went beyond excellent. These I would re-read several times. My one problem with the book is that I did not like the inner thoughts of the protagonists, although I think it was necessary in order to show their growth. But the historical aspect of the book was extraordinary and outweighed the negatives."

"I found this novel to be gripping and suspenseful. I liked the author's writing style."

"I had never heard of Birobidzhan and knew little of life in the USSR at the beginning of World War II so the first half of the book was a fantastic learning opportunity built into a great story, would definitely recommend if you want to know more and I will be looking at some of the resources in the authors note."

"If you find historical fiction to be entertaining and the idea of a bygone era rife with a turbulent setting, pick this up! The cover is gorgeous and you'll be enmeshed in conflict and conspiracies."

"It took you into the problems of living under an autocratic despotic regime, yet cultivated a powerful love story where the protagonists demonstrated bravery, determination and self sacrifice above the call of duty. It deserves to be read."

Want to learn more about the story behind the story of "My Mother's Secret: A Novel of the Jewish Autonomous Region?" I love to speak at book clubs! Please reach out to me at: ASivorinov@aol.com to schedule yours!

"My Mother's Secret: A Novel of the Jewish Autonomous Region" will be officially released on November 15, 2022. But if you order directly through the publisher, you can have your book this September! Click here for more information!

"The Nesting Dolls" now available from HarperCollins!

"Adams' sweeping tale offers captivating explorations of her characters and their complexities, particularly when it comes to their struggles between the pull of the heart and the realities in which they live." - Booklist

"The Nesting Dolls is a vividly rendered, sweeping historical novel. Alina Adams deftly portrays three generations of women, beautifully weaving their coming of age stories about love, sacrifice, family, and ultimately survival. I absolutely devoured this compulsively readable gem of a novel." (Jillan Cantor, USA Today bestselling author of The Lost Letter and In Another Time)

"A moving saga of three generations of women determined to triumph over the forces of history no matter the cost. The Nesting Dolls is memorable story of courage that is both inspiring and bittersweet." (David R. Gillham, New York Times bestselling author of City of Women and Annelies)

"The author's wry Soviet-Jewish humor enlivens the well-developed characters, who make fatal mistakes as well as selfless sacrifices. This is a satisfying, life-affirming saga." - Publisher's Weekly

"The novel adds a degree of nuance to a historical narrative that is often flattened: It depicts some of the subtleties and complexities of being a Jew in the Soviet Union, offering a partial corrective to the frequent oversimplification of a chapter of history that is anything but simple." - The Kirkus Review

"The book contains several obscenities directed at Stalin." - World Magazine

More reviews at Goodreads!

Check out and download "The Nesting Dolls" Book Club Reading Guide, here.

FROM ALINA ADAMS: After a dozen traditionally and e-published books, I am trying something very few have done before. I will be writing my next romance novel LIVE! Just click on: http://alinaadamsmedia.com/live/ and you can literally watch me as I type. And edit. And change my mind. And delete. And type again. And edit some more.

You can leave a comment telling me what you think of the story so far, make suggestions for future developments, and point out my mistakes (I expect to make a lot of mistakes). Having never done this before, I have no idea how it will all work out. But, I'm dying to see! Care to join me on this one-of-a-kind adventure? Then click, here. The live story-telling starts NOW!

Alina Adams is a New York Times best-selling author, romance and mystery writer, soap opera industry insider, and a pioneer in online storytelling and continuing drama.

Among the many books Alina Adams has written are: Oakdale Confidential (New York Times' bestseller); The Man From Oakdale (2010 SCRIBE Award winner); Jonathan's Story (New York Times' bestseller); Murder on Ice; On Thin Ice; Axel of Evil; Death Drop; Skate Crime; Annie's Wild Ride; The Fictitious Marquis; and Thieves at Heart. (more)

She is also an innovator in the business of enhanced electronic books with several titles of her own, and as a business consultant through her company Alina Adams Media, to other published authors looking to create and publish their own enhanced e-book titles. (more)

Her latest enhanced electronic book project is Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments, which chronicles daytime drama's greatest moments over the past 75 years as voted on by Award-winning actors, writers, and producers, as well as other television industry professionals and of course, the fans. The enhanced electronic book features intimate exclusive interviews with the scenes' most prominent players; links to classic video clips; and updates on "Where Are They Now?" Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments is the first book of its kind both technically and editorially, written by an accomplished best-selling author and leading expert in the daytime television genre. (more)

Alina Adams also pioneered the concept of online continuations of a soap opera, with www.AnotherWorldToday.com and Mindy's Twitter, changing how and where the genre -- that began on radio -- can be seen. The format met with fan support and perhaps paved the way to where the industry stands today. (more)

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